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"Smokers" Samuel Quinn

"Smokers" Samuel Quinn

Ive been taking photographs and using photography as a way of documenting my surroundings and for over a decade. I think I started taking polaroids around the age of 16 or 17, really getting into photography as an art form or way of expression in my early 20’s. 

 In that amount of time I have photographed a lot of different subject matter, being driven to find a picture wherever I am. I've used all kinds of cameras and formats, from super 8 and VHS to Polaroid and 4x5. I've also been influenced and inspired by many different photographers and photographic styles as well as painters and movie directors.

When one has been taking pictures as frequently and as long as I have you start to see certain recurring themes and subject matter in your work. Sometimes making almost the exact same picture in a different space and time. When I go through my negatives, my contact sheets, and now more often, hard drives, I see these reoccurring themes and subject matter.

I've put together a quick collection of these reoccurring photographs...

Part One - "Smokers"

Samuel Quinn




"Find Yourself" Dima Zharov

"Find Yourself" Dima Zharov