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"My San Francisco" Alex Rueda

"My San Francisco" Alex Rueda

When I had the opportunity to move to California in 2013, I had no idea what I was in for.

To find yourself immersed in many different subcultures -- and so easily, it was a goldmine of change and revolution in my mind.

As a traveler, it made sense to live in San Francisco, the city has changed me not only as a person but as a photographer.

Every bit of the city is different. The vivid colors of the Mission, the grimy realities of the Tenderloin, all the hidden alleyways, the neon lights of dingy clubs where there's an endless array of characters. 

I had to document as I went along; my time in California has been radical and eye opening. These portraits represent this change between time and space in my life.  This is my San Francisco and these are the amazingly colorful individuals that I have had the opportunity of meeting and photographing.

Alex Rueda




"Context in Flux"  Roeg Cohen

"Context in Flux" Roeg Cohen

"Light Says A Lot" Lauren Crew

"Light Says A Lot" Lauren Crew